The Men of Harmony of the Delaware Valley

68 Years of Performing!

The Men of Harmony are available to perform an appropriate program for any organization. We are professionally directed and accompanied and sing in four part harmony.

Attired in tuxedos, dress shirts, and accessories we entertain with a repertoire that includes Broadway hits, pop tunes, religious, or philosophic selections, spirited patriotic numbers, folk songs, barbershop, and just plain fun selections.

During the Christmas Season, our holiday programs are presented in Dickens’ costumes. If you are interested please contact us.


About the Men of Harmony…

The “Men of Harmony”, formerly known as the United States Steel Chorus, is an organization of singers whose objective is to preserve the traditional religious, folk, and popular songs of our country while experiencing the fellowship and enjoyment that results form our learning and performance. 


In the beginning…

In the 1950’s a tradition was started in U.S. Steel. Many of the plants instituted choruses to entertain fellow employees, their families, as well as the communities of which they were a part.
Fifty-seven years ago this past Christmas season a group of U.S. Steel Fairless Works employees jumped on the back of a pick-up truck and drove around the construction site singing Christmas Carols for the construction workers. What they, in  effect did, was spontaneously create the sixth U.S. Steel Chorus.

Even when the corporation’s support for the chorus ended during domestic steel’s dark days, the men refused to let the ideas they held dear die. The group became completely independent and paid its own way.

Today, we continue to pay tribute to all of those members before us by carrying out their most important task – singing for the enjoyment of others.